Hello world!

By day I am the mild-mannered high school teacher in California. By night I am an author. (No cape or mask is required for the transition to this gig.)  My first work was:

Susan Gun Vice Cop The Book, the incredibly compelling and fascinating Real Life Story of Susan McAnelly’s 18 year career as a Police Officer in the Four Time – MURDER CAPITOL OF THE UNITED STATES!  Susan was the very first woman police officer to patrol the most dangerous areas of this city SOLO!

I co-authored this book with the subject of the biography, Susan Sampson-McAnelly.  It is available in paperback for $7.95 and as an E-Book for Kindle, Nook, I-Pad, PC & Android devices for $2.99 at http://susangunvicecopthebook.com

But enough about my first publication and this shameless self promotion of such. I created this blog to comment about life – some serious – some whimsical. Also to meet and chat with other authors, old friends & make new friends.

Kevin E. McDonald

I hop that you will enjoy my first post to my blog.  This title is:  I needed some new white sox – A Veterans Day Message. Your questions, comments and views are welcomed.


Kevin E. Mc Donald

4 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Mr WordPress Says:

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  2. Scott Says:

    Kevin, good to hear from you. Nice piece. When I am approached by someone asking for money, I always recall the old lines of the folk song, “The re but for fortune may go you or I, you or I.” People do not choose to be homeless and broke. A series of events created a situation. When I was in college, my first year, in a dorm, we had a chalk board that we wrote aphorisms that occured to us. It was called the Abelfierce Board. Fred Abelfierce was the mythologic author of the first offering. It read: “two people, when reduced to their essence, are unavoidably interconnected”. I am connected with every human who is, was or will be on this planet. We are all ‘a piece of the whole and a part of the main.’ How can I not support myself.

  3. Kathy Says:

    Good to hear from you…..this is so true.
    This is going to be a great book.. We owe our Vets so much for our Freedom…

  4. Vernon Gebhardt Says:

    Kevin, I enjoyed the story and best of luck to you and your blog. It is unfortunate that someone has to beg in the condition this vet is in, but I also find it disgusting when perfectly capable individuals are out scamming for dollars using the “I’m out of gas” trick. I do know that the Veterans Administration is doing an excellent job with individuals like this vet if he seeks the help. A former football player of mine is getting a tremendous amount of help from the them. If you see this vet again let him know that he should seek help from the Veterans Ad.

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